When Shadows Fall We Rise

Let us be done now with thinking. Let’s slip into our hearts to hear what they say when we’re free from the chatter of how its supposed to be. Free from fear that is not about what is but about what has been before now before this. When words were spoken (that didn’t account for […]

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Come find me.  I am here,  where I kiss the sun,  and burn with the moon.  Where I hear your feelings,  and dream your thoughts.  Waiting,  but never just, waiting.  —————– This isn’t a bloggy blog post, and it’s not poetry unless you want it to be. This started as an Instagram thingy, turned tweet, […]

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Song For Johnny

Non-specific words force their way from my fingers, in a desperate attempt to escape (my heart?) where they have lived since before I knew them. Without understanding of why at all, and without desire to be so crass as to say what it is they actually might mean. Insistent fucking words once woven together like […]

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Seeking solace from the silence A foreshadowing of days to come And (painful) memory of days past. It keeps coming around This familiar (not) goodbye That with it’s tears, helps me to rise. In solitude I find my way To the place where I remember Trip, stumble, “fall – with grace.” Even when there’s two, […]

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March 2006

Like water in the precarious moments between simmer and boil over, tears long restrained threaten to breach imaginary walls created to hold them back – hide them, lest once started they won’t stop. Maybe if a little more time had passed, like 30 or 40 years, grief, which this time is mine because it’s his, […]

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“…So We Must Love While These Moments Are Still Called Today, Take Part In The Pain Of This Passion Play…”

Listening to:  Everything Indigo Girls (again) which started (this time) here “Galileo” 12 years ago, 2005, in the span of 5 months, my confidant, greatest supporter, in many ways my mentor, my teacher, my almost-mother-in-law become dearest friend, Roxy, 5 days before my trip to Denver to see her, lost her (2nd) battle with cancer; […]

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In the realm of the mystic The land of the magi, We’re taught to believe love … Can never be wrong. But In magistrate’s world The dimension of now If from edges we tip And fallings (aloud) Then he will say What she will say Oh darling, dumb girl Whatever ya thinkin? Of course it […]

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