~ Supernatural ~

In 45 minutes (plus 12 hours and change if I’m being specific) it will be 51 years that I’ve (consciously) been this being known as Michelle. This girl (because I have no fucks to give for political correctness that would no doubt deem that I should refer to someone of my age as a woman) […]

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Summer’s Eulogy

Waning days of summer, fighting melancholy at the thought. Not just for the inevitable arrival of winter, albeit months away, but also because I a little bit (really a lot) missed the mark of my wishes for summer. The things that were for sure to happen, that did not. The things I intended to do, […]

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For Chester, For Me, For You

There's a thousand places, (to match the thousand pieces of my broken heart) where I want to start this writing, but I'm so fucking mad, and sad, so so sad, that THESE THINGS about which I must write (or be crippled by the confusion, and pain) are things at all, that words come to me […]

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“…I’m a (wo)man whose tragedies have been replaced, with memories tattooed upon my soul…”

Because I'm deep in the depths of my other writing, my writing to, and about, Chester, and cancer, but my thoughts, and heart, betray me so often I can't focus, there is this. Other thoughts that aren't those. They are all here, HERE, in my soul and my fingertips, the words I want to finish,  […]

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Come find me.  I am here,  where I kiss the sun,  and burn with the moon.  Where I hear your feelings,  and dream your thoughts.  Waiting,  but never just, waiting.  —————– This isn’t a bloggy blog post, and it’s not poetry unless you want it to be. This started as an Instagram thingy, turned tweet, […]

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Clairvoyant Skies

“…We are standing on the edge of a choice, And waiting for a voice, Is it destiny that pushes us this far?…” (Don’t know what lead me here, to listen to this song, this morning, with rainy skies outside my window. This is one of the first bands I worked with in Arizona. And Ive […]

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