Seeking solace from the silence

A foreshadowing of days to come

And (painful) memory of days past.

It keeps coming around

This familiar (not) goodbye

That with it’s tears, helps me to rise.

In solitude I find my way

To the place where I remember

Trip, stumble, “fall – with grace.”

Even when there’s two, or one

Always there is three

A me, a you, a her, 

…infinity, and beyond.

So to see your dreams fulfilled

Which are separate from my own

Again I will say this familiar

(not) goodbye.


For my Lauren, and Ari. My biggest, and littlest angels. You are perfect. You are my heart, and that of which I am most proud. You are, forever, my everything.

Never forget, you can do, and be, anything you wish!

“…you are always here with me, in my heart, and in my dreams…”  (Credit to “The Bridge” Ron Taylor & Drew Smith)


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