This is not a “Smear Campaign”

Just got a text from my husband telling me he is going to give me a chance to stop “smearing him in public” by taking his name off my blog, otherwise he will be having his attorney send me “additional things.”

THIS is part of the problem and why domestic violence is still so prevalent. Not only do those who commit acts of violence wish to control by abusing, they then want to control by demanding silence. I will not be silenced.

His name has been temporarily removed from this blog, until I get 100% verification of what my research has shown, which is that the courts will uphold a person’s right to publish an account of their own life without action being taken against them, if what they are publishing is truthful, and of legitimate public interest. The general rule of thumb is as follows:

“Public disclosure of private facts is an aspect of the right of privacy that is actionable in some (but not all) states.  While the prerequisites vary somewhat from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, a plaintiff typically must prove:

(1) publicity was given to matters concerning the plaintiff’s private life;

(2) the matters made public would be highly offensive to a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities; and
(3) the matters publicized were not newsworthy, i.e., not of legitimate public interest.

A long time ago he and I decided that we would become voices for recovery from addiction, because 10 years ago porn addiction was even less spoken about than it is now. In the years since then I have told him all along that with or without him I will be a voice that will shed light on this addiction in the hopes of helping others, and for my own healing. And that I would also speak out about Domestic Violence and healing from the affects of it.

Since you told me you’d be checking back in 4 hours to ensure I’d removed your name, I will say to you, I will not stop speaking out. This is MY story. You chose the role you would have in it, not me. I kept this secret for years in the hopes that you would choose to recover, and that we could together use what we had learned to help others who are where we were. Since you have now disavowed that there are any issues except because of me being older than you, and have moved on to your groupie, I have to do what I must do for my own healing, and to help others where I can. Our secrets keep us sick. Domestic violence isn’t OK.


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