I’m Not, NOT Licking Toads*

For the record, I want to scream a little bit. Because, for the record, I cannot seem to finish an anything I start to write. There will be no poetry or prose following this intro of sorts. There won’t be lyrics, and likely no overly deep thoughts. And I’m feeling like the border collie of […]

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Remember Love

For all who read this, who are experiencing to whatever degree the intensity of life’s ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ (which are simply letters strung together to describe shifts in energy)… I don’t have any answers and the only thing I’m an expert in is being Michelle, and I sometimes suck at that, too. This isn’t a […]

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Why I Write; He(a)r(e)

Writing here is for me, an exercise in vulnerability. Choosing to put aside any and all pretense, and just share myself, my heart, my thoughts, my experiences, knowing that my words can be read, and judged, by anyone who finds their way here. I have been verbally, and psychically (I’m nothing if not an empath) […]

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Its Been Awhile….

I’ve been having every feeling ever known to man, rapid fire, today. I know its a lot of things, the (almost full) moon, the geomagnetic storms, the opening up for, and being opened up by, my Reiki training over the past weekend. But today has been one of those days on this journey when I’ve […]

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~ Supernatural ~

In 45 minutes (plus 12 hours and change if I’m being specific) it will be 51 years that I’ve (consciously) been this being known as Michelle. This girl (because I have no fucks to give for political correctness that would no doubt deem that I should refer to someone of my age as a woman) […]

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